Touring Caravan Insurance

Touring caravan insurance is a subject to be taken seriously so as to reduce the risk of ending up out of pocket. Regardless of the fact that there is no legal imperative to have anything more than a standard car insurance to be able to tow a caravan, it is very advisable to make sure you are protected. It is a concerning fact that more than three thousand caravans are stolen each year in the UK. This article aims to help make sure you are adequately insured in the unfortunate event of damage to or loss of your caravan.

There are 2 main elements to making sure you get the best touring caravan insurance, they are price and coverage. It can be tempting just to buy the cheapest policy you can find, however this approach may come back to haunt you should you have to make a claim, only then to discover you aren't actually protected for that specific item. When you know what you should get insured, only then should you start to search around for the cheapest suitable policy.

The key to finding the cheapest touring caravan insurance is research the subject online. The web provides a goldmine of easily accessible info that makes things a whole lot easier when hunting for an insurance policy. There are a variety of insurance companies on the web ready to offer you with a range of policies.

An obvious bit of common sense is to be sure to get multiple prices for your insurancepolicy. If you don't get prices from multiple insurers you are unlikely to be achieving the lowest price that you could. You will often also find that there is often money off of the premiums when getting your insurance online. There are a variety of elements to a touring caravan insurance policy, and you should be clear in your mind about what you need for each.

One of the main decisions you have to make is whether to go for 'Market Value' or 'New for Old' cover for your caravan. A 'new for old' policy will provide you with a brand new caravan which is identical to - or equivalent to - your original caravan should the caravan become damaged beyond repair. Commonly you will find the 'new for old' policy is not an option for caravans older than about 5 years. Caravans over about 5 years old will only be covered for Market Value which, unsurprisingly, represents cost to buy a like for like replacement for your caravan.

Insurance for continental cover is another factor that should be thought about prior to buying a policy. Check the period coverage there is as you will find it can vary quite markedly between different insurance policies.

You will probably find that various items are excluded from the touring caravan insurance in terms of personal effects. You should definitely check your household insurance policy to see what personal items it covers, as you will find that jewellery will not be covered by the caravan policy. So it is important for you to be aware of what is covered by the caravan insurance policy, what is protected by your home contents insurance, and if there is anything else that you want to be protected will need an additional policy.

An eventuality that should be considered is that of alternative accommodation should your caravan becomes uninhabitable whilst you were away in it. Many insurances will protect against this eventuality, but you should make sure that the provision is suitable for your requirements.

When buying touring caravan insurance there are a number of ways of reducing the premiums. Becoming a member of one of the various caravan clubs often attracts discounts on charges. Improving your caravans security is an alternative means to save money, with axle locking devices, tracking devices, and alarms being the main ways to do this.

With a little thought and investigation caravanners can make sure they get suitable insurance at the best available price. Alternatively, if no effort is made, it easy only too to end up paying too much for a policy that just doesn't fit the requirements of the owner. What the time and effort will bring you however is that you will have a touring caravan insurance policy that allows you peace of mind.